Handmade Signature Black Tea |Organic|Freeze Dried|Vacuum Packed

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From the virgin land of Assam to your tea-cup, we bring along a story of hard work, care and co-existence. Our teas are completely organic and when we say that, we speak in a language of trust. Placed in their natural habitat, with zero contamination by chemicals or any other external elements, this is your daily dose of guilt-free tea.

With the amber appearance, aroma of dates, vanilla with soft floral intonations.

The liquor is medium-bodied, brisk and beams with pronounced notes of malt and date palm.

These flavors envelope the palate right from the start and hum along throughout the length.

The sweetness lingers on in the aftertaste, adding to the charm of having a
vintage Assam orthodox black tea.

Because we import our herbs directly they are fresh, potent, and very high quality.